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Building a New Veterinary Practice

Let Covetrus help you build your dream practice

Covetrus assists hundreds of veterinary practices each year on new construction, remodels and expansions. We offer a variety of services including:

Covetrus offers the following services:


  • Financial assistance
  • Equipment planning by room
  • Practice Management software consultation
  • Marketing and patient communication software consultation

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Facility Lease Consultation
  • Controlled Substance Compliance Course
  • X-ray shielding plans
  • OSHA Regulations Course


Animal Hospital Design Strategies for Better Care

Published by the American Animal Hospital Association with a generous education grant from Midmark.

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Featured Stories

Cabinetry Designed and Built for the Veterinary Space vs. Local Millwork

July 3, 2019

When you think about the equipment needed to perform your job well, cabinetry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, having the right cabinets can help you be more organized, and practice safely and ergonomically.

Veterinary practices are specialized treatment facilities with needs that are profession- and practice-specific. Local millwork is basic in design, and oftentimes, the builder lacks the expertise necessary to provide important functional features. Typical materials are often the same as what is used in kitchen-grade cabinets; not durable enough to perform well in a busy veterinary practice.

Working with a manufacturer that understands the unique challenges of your space can help you find a specialized solution designed to address changing needs within your practice, while controlling costs and maintaining a high level of patient care. In addition, cabinetry designed and built specifically for the veterinary space can bring these advantages:

Efficient and Ergonomic Workflow— Specialized storage options help make the most of available space, giving you easy access to supplies when and where you need them. Slide-out equipment drawers, and swing-out shelves and tubs bring contents within close reach, requiring minimal movement and creating a more ergonomic workspace.

Durability and Cleanliness – Cabinets that are designed specifically for a clinic environment are easy-to-clean and minimize spaces where germs and debris can get trapped. The finishes and materials are carefully selected to withstand the daily use of cleaning products typically used in a veterinary practice, leading to longer cabinet life and better-maintained aesthetics than common wood cabinetry.

Equipment Integration – Treatment cabinetry chases can be preconfigured to allow for integration of other equipment such as procedure lights, imaging equipment and anesthesia machines, keeping everything within easy reach and saving floor space. It is a good idea to begin thinking about what you want and need to be effective in your practice and make the delivery of care more efficient. Here are a few questions to consider while making your cabinetry selection:

  • What problems do I experience with my current cabinetry?
  • What equipment do I currently use that will need to be incorporated into my new cabinetry?
  • What plans do I have to incorporate new technology and equipment now and in the future?
  • What supplies and ancillary devices do I need designated areas for, and will they be within easy reach?
  • What supplies need to be locked away?
  • What role do I want my cabinetry to play in my décor?
  • What image do I want my cabinetry to portray to my clients and staff?

Keeping all these factors in mind during your planning process will help you design a functional, effective workspace that will continue to serve you and your patients well for years to come.

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