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Dear Human: What A New Pet Wants You to Know

What your new pet wants you to know
October 9, 2019

Dear Human: What A New Pet Wants You to Know

Dear Human,

Maybe we met at a shelter. Maybe through a mutual friend. Maybe, in this age of technology, we found each other online or through social media. Our eyes locked for the first time and we made a connection. We saw a companion, a future. So, as we embark on this new relationship together, here are five important things I want to tell you.

1. My health is in you hands.
I can’t speak, so I can’t tell you if I feel sick or if I’m injured. The only way you’ll know is if I act abnormally in some way — I may stop eating, for example, or get lethargic. The vet is my biggest ally, so don’t be afraid to make an appointment even if I put up a fight every time we go. And please don’t forget my check-ups and vaccinations, too!

The little things you do every day also make a difference. Keeping my nails trimmed helps me walk without pain. Washing my food bowls prevents bacteria from making me sick. I’m a curious creature, so please be diligent about hiding household hazards like chemical cleaners, toxic plants and electrical cords. Even your habits can affect my health — smoking around me can cause cancer and other problems.

2. I’m not spiteful.
As an animal, I don’t misbehave purposely to irritate you. However, I can experience stress, anxiety or even boredom, which can cause me to be destructive. If you leave me alone for too long, I might be tempted to annihilate a couch cushion. As a cat, if you fail to clean my litterbox, I’ll prefer to do my business in the hallway. I’m also a creature of habit, so I can get upset by changes to my routine. It’s not personal, really! Please take the time to learn and understand what I need to be happy.

3. I need playtime or exercise every day.
As a playful pup, you probably know I can’t wait to go outside to play frisbee. If I don’t burn off some energy, I might be too hyperactive indoors and bark a lot. But even if I’m older, please don’t skip the walks — regular, gentle exercise can help me stay strong and pain-free (I hear it works for you, too!)

As a cat, you know I’m more independent and may be tempted to let me do my own thing, but trust me — I love to play, too! Playing together helps me learn to trust you and develop a strong bond. Just get out the flashlight or that ball-on-a-string thing … you’ll see how much fun we can have!

4. Try to learn my language.
With proper training, I may learn a few words of your language, but I’m much better at communicating in my own way. If I hiss or growl, you might know I’m upset, but it’s helpful for you to understand other cues, especially ones that might be misinterpreted. For example, my doggy disposition often leads me to wag my tail when I’m happy, but I might also be cautious or fearful. My catty character means I purr when I’m content, but sometimes when I’m hungry, too. English may not be my thing, but I definitely have a rich and complex language all my own.

5. I’m in this for the long haul, and I hope you are, too.
When you brought me home, it was a dream come true! There’s nothing more I want in life than a warm home, ample food, healthcare, a friend. I hope you are as committed as I am to making this relationship work, even when things get tough. When you decide I’m too much work, it’s highly likely I’ll end up in a shelter where lack of space could end my life early. If you need training or resources, please don’t be afraid to ask our vet for help!

So that’s it. I hope you know just how excited I am to start on this journey with you! For more information about caring for animals like me, visit my friends at Covetrus online or contact a Covetrus representative at 855.724.3461.


With love and slobber,
Your new pet





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