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Signs of a Happy Cat

Signs of a Happy Cat
September 20, 2019

Signs of a Happy Cat

Cats are notorious for being fickle, hard to read and downright, well, catty. How do you know if your feline friend is purr-fectly content? Look for these signs.

1. Body language
We may not always understand our cats, but their body language can clue us in to their emotions. A happy cat may:

  • Knead her paws: This behavior harkens back to infancy and the comfort of feeding.
  • Hold her tail high: This confident posture indicates she’s alert but not agitated.
  • Have sleepy eyes: A mellow cat lets her eyes relax, too.
  • Become a “cat loaf”: Tucking her feet under her body isn’t just for cuteness.

2. Healthy habits
When humans are stressed or upset, we don’t take care of ourselves. Cats are no different! A happy cat will:

  • Keep himself groomed: Watch out for matted hair or other signs a cat isn’t bathing himself.
  • Eat heartily: Lack of appetite can signal illness or stress.
  • Use the litterbox properly: Relieving himself outside the box can be another sign of illness or stress.

3. Energy, interest and play
Play only happens when all other basic needs have been met. A happy cat will:

  • Love new toys: Older cats may not play for as long but will still show interest.
  • Be curious: A happy cat enjoys exploring her environment or simply “supervising” from a perch.
  • Sleep comfortably: All cats sleep a lot, but too much sleep can be a sign of depression. Look for changes in sleep patterns or locations, such as hiding instead of napping on your lap.

4. Expressions of love
Joyful kitties show their love for their humans in their own ways. A happy cat should approach its owner with eagerness and offer these signs of affection:

  • Purring: A telltale sign of feline happiness, nothing beats a snuggly, purring cat in one’s lap. And while it can be a sign of agitation in some cases, purring in combination with other happy cat signs shows contentment.
  • The slow blink: A cat making steady eye contact and blinking slowly is a sign of trust. It’s even sometimes considered the equivalent of “I love you!” 
  • Rubbing: By head-butting us or rubbing up against our legs, cats are “claiming” us —and that means they really like us!
  • “Presents”: It can be horrifying to discover the dismembered remains of a bird or rodent at our doorstep, but it is the ultimate gift from a cat.

Not sure your cat is happy? Be sure to check in with a vet about his or her behavior. Lifestyle, diet, medicine or other changes can make a difference.

Covetrus is dedicated to happy cats this month and throughout the year. Visit us online or contact your Covetrus representative at 855.724.3461.





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