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Introducing the Covetrus Large Animal Pharmacy Solution

A convenient, direct-to-client prescription service exclusively
available to Covetrus® veterinary customers.

Covetrus Large Animal Pharmacy Advantages:

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You are our sole focus. Enrolling in our exclusive drop ship services guarantees you keep complete control of your business.

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Better compliance & integrity

Fully compliant business operations protect you from unnecessary or unwanted risks.

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Cost-effective & convenient

On-demand prescription order fulfillment comes with no additional cost or change in customer service.

Looking to enroll?

Joining the Covetrus Large Animal Pharmacy is simple.

Step 1

Fill out the
Enrollment Form

In the form please provide:

  • General practice information

  • Client recipient name and all farm ship addresses that apply

  • Signature and date (e-signatures accepted)


Step 2

Send it in!

Email completed form to:

[email protected] or fax to

(614) 760-0639

Having trouble? A Covetrus representative will be happy to assist you with any issues in completing and submitting your enrollment form.

Toll Free Hotline: 833-339-5427

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Ready to authorize client prescription forms?

After your practice is enrolled, a client prescription must be prepared and filed with the Covetrus Large Animal Pharmacy for each farm location before you can begin using. All prescriptions cover refills and can be used for up to one year.

Two versions of the same form are available at your convenience – select the one that is right for you.

For manual completion:
For digital* completion: