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Fast, easy,
and personalized

Say hello to your new personal assistant, the
exclusive Covetrus Trainer Concierge Program

  • Promote In-Practice Efficiencies
  • Generate Revenue Growth
  • Streamline Communications

Supporting your business and helping you meet
the needs of your clients, wherever they are - the
barn, their home, or even at a horse show.

Our Trainer Concierge Program is designed exclusively to support
Covetrus® equine veterinary customers with:

illustration of a women petting a horse

The heavy lifting

Our Trainer Concierge Program was designed with the equine veterinarian business in mind. Allow your dedicated concierge to manage all the heavy lifting for you, including prescription orders and refills to ensure the right medications reach the right clients.

Freeing up your precious time

By utilizing our skilled professionals for placing, tracking, and fulfilling your client’s barn needs, you will gain back time to attend to your many other equine patients and practice needs.

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illustration of horse meds

Providing a convenient
and personalized service

With this service, your trainer or barn professional clients skip the hassle of trying to organize and place multiple orders separately. They can order anything from prescriptions to nutrients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a single point of contact. From there, we’ll ensure special care that orders are placed on the appropriate client’s account and routed to you for approval.

Contact our trainer to get started.

How do the Trainer Concierge Program
services typically work?

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Trainer calls, texts, or
emails our trainer concierge.
Ex: "Hello, I need a bottle of
injectable bute for the horse
Reno, client Smith."

monitor icon

From here our trainer concierge
goes to the trainer's veterinarian's
online pharmacy and places the order.

phone with message icon

If anything is out of stock or
backordered, we are able to
notify the trainer right away.

truck icon

Once the order is placed, our
trainer concierge tracks the
order and makes sure it
arrives on time.

perosn on headset icon

If there are any questions or
concerns, the trainer is able to
call our concierge directly.

Contact our trainer concierge, Cydney, to get started!

headshot of Cydney Benes
About Cydney

My name is Cydney Benes. I joined Covetrus in June of 2021. I have previous experience in medical device sales and marketing. I joined the company with a wide variety of knowledge in the equine industry. I actively compete in nationwide equine events. I am a huge animal lover! I own several horses, dogs, and cats. I am so grateful to be able to work in the animal health industry and do what I love every day.

Cydney Benes
[email protected]

Need more information?

Download a copy of our explainer page that you can share with your
trainer customers and read through our most frequently asked questions.

Q: If veterinarians are out at big barns regularly, they make more money selling meds off the truck versus putting them through their online pharmacy. How do we sell this where they can still benefit from the program?

A: We want to encourage veterinarians to sell off the truck because they do make more money. Utilizing their online pharmacy allows veterinarians to offer products they do not carry in-practice or on the truck. It allows them to streamline their in office inventory and also allows veterinarians to not worry about accounts payable when selling products. Large barns with multiple clients and purchases can bog down staff with creating invoices and other administrative tasks.

Q: How does the trainer concierge get in touch with our trainers when signing on a new practice?

A: Once your practice decides they want to utilize the program, we encourage you to reach out to your trainers that want to participate in the program. Once the trainer is aware of the program, our trainer concierge will contact them to initiate the service and determine the best form of contact for them.