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Pet-Proof Your Holiday Décor

Holiday decor
December 5, 2019

Pet-Proof Your Holiday Décor
The glow of candles and twinkling white lights may warm up your home this holiday season but beware of the dangers festive decorations pose to your beloved pets.

O’ Christmas Tree
Your Christmas tree resembles the outdoor trees your pet may like to climb and sniff and may look like an appealing play area. Pet-proof your tree and consider anchoring it to the ceiling or nearby doorframe with fishing wire to prevent it from tipping over. You can also block your tree off with a playpen or other barrier. This also prevents your pet from eating the sharp and dangerous pine needles that fall from a live tree.

If you’re watering a live tree, be aware of what you add to the water. Sometimes chemical preservatives are used on Christmas trees to keep them fresh longer, and these collect in the water at the base of the tree, making the water poisonous. A tree skirt, plastic wrap or aluminum foil to cover the tree’s water bowl will help keep your pet out of it.

Are you shopping for new ornaments for this year’s tree? Consider non-breakable, nontoxic ones. Homemade ornaments from food-based materials should be hung high and out of the reach of your dog and cat. Don’t hang popcorn strings, cranberry garland or candy canes on the tree.

Beyond the Tree
Tinsel is possibly the most dangerous holiday decoration to your pet. If your dog or cat ingests even just a few strands, they may suffer an intestinal obstruction. It’s best to avoid this decoration in households with pets.

The glow of a candles from a Kwanzaa kinara or a Hanukkah menorah poses a fire hazard when a pet is left alone with a burning candle. 

The same is true of twinkling lights. When pets chew on the electrical cords, it can burn your cat or dog. String lights on higher ledges, door frames and tree branches.

While festive plants like holly, poinsettias and mistletoe add to your holiday décor and make your home smell nice, they can be dangerous and even poisonous to your pet. Keep these plants far out of pets’ reach or consider a pet-safe holiday alternative.

Party Time
Holiday food is tempting to humans and pets alike. If you’re entertaining this holiday season, remember these tips:

  • Don’t feed your pet food scraps. It can put on the pounds, and meat bones can cause your pet to choke.
  • Keep wine, eggnog and other alcoholic beverages away from your pet.
  • Secure the trash so curious pets cannot look for their own scraps.
  • Keep bowls of candy and chocolate out of your pet’s reach. Even a small amount of chocolate or sugar-free candy can be toxic, and other candy is a choking hazard.

We at Covetrus North America wish you and your beloved pets a happy holiday season! Covetrus is dedicated to advancing the world of veterinary medicine. Visit us online or contact your Covetrus representative at 855.724.3461.



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