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Tips for a spookily safe Halloween

October 31, 2019

Tips for a Spookily Safe Halloween
Cobwebs, candy, gremlins and gourds — it’s no trick, Halloween is right around the corner! But before you turn that porch light on for the evening’s parade of costumed characters, make sure you know how to keep your pet secure and comfortable. In our four-part series on Halloween safety, we’ll share the best ways to help your pet have a ghoulishly good time, starting with these tips.

Keep them inside
The best place for cats and dogs on Halloween night is inside and away from the front door. The constant opening and closing of the door for trick-or-treaters may cause your animal some distress, not to mention all of the strange costumes and voices coming from the other side. Keeping your animals confined ensures Fluffy will not dart out the door in fear and Fido will not lunge at the unsuspecting visitors. And while opinions vary on the issue, some people believe Halloween is especially dangerous for black cats, who may be subjected to cruelty and pranks.

Know before you glow
Glow sticks, jack-o-lantern candles and electric decorations can all pose a risk to animals. The liquid in glow sticks is nontoxic but can cause an animal to vomit if swallowed. The flames of candles can obviously cause burns, but an even greater risk is that of fire if your pet knocks over the pumpkin (Preventive Vet offers these ideas for candle alternatives). Keep power cords for electric decorations out of reach to prevent your pet from chewing them or becoming tangled.

Decorate with care
Beyond lighting risks, pet owners should be careful with some other common decorations. Faux spider web material could ensnare your kitty or cause an extreme gastrointestinal obstruction if swallowed. Corn cobs and balloons are two other items that can be dangerous for animals when inhaled or ingested.

Stash treats away
Some ingredients in Halloween candy (notably chocolate and the sugar substitute xylitol) are toxic to animals. Keep candy out of reach before trick-or-treating commences and closely monitor the bowl while passing out treats. You should also avoid leaving sweet treats out as table centerpieces or décor during Halloween parties.

Make conscious costume decisions
Pets in costumes are only the most adorable thing ever, but are you sacrificing your animal’s wellbeing for the perfect Instagram shot? Some costumes can restrict the senses or create a hazard.

Tag your friends
Even with proper precautions, it’s possible your pet could slip out an open door or gate. Prepare for this worst-case scenario by making sure your dog or cat is wearing a collar with up-to-date identification information and has been properly microchipped.

Be aware, but have fun!
Halloween is a silly, scary and downright fun holiday for children and adults alike. There’s no reason our four-legged friends can’t enjoy it, too. With a little extra vigilance, we can keep them safe and comfortable while we enjoy all the frightful festivities.

Covetrus is dedicated to the health and happiness of animals on Halloween, and every day. Visit us online or contact your Covetrus representative at 855.724.3461.





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