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Covetrus® Branded Products

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Offering reliable veterinary supply products, including equipment, everyday supplies and consumables, FDA-approved prescription drugs, and OTC wellness products to support animal health professionals in providing care without compromise.

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Boost your business profitability and recognize up
to $14,000* annually in savings potential!

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*Potential savings are based on the average annual usage of a 3-doctor practice. Savings comparison is based on the average pricing charged across all contractual price lists and does not include promotional discounting or any other pricing considerations. Individual customer potential savings will vary. Covetrus Internal Data, August 2023.

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thrive without compromise

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New Products

The latest and greatest affordable and cutting-edge Covetrus® Brand veterinary care products.

cvb promax iv pump

NEW INNOVATION | The Covetrus ProMAX IV Touch Digital Infusion Pump features a first-of-its-kind, customizable animal health specific drug library with an LCD touchscreen that flips from horizontal to vertical with a simple flick of the wrist.

cvb promax syringe pump

NEW INNOVATION | The Covetrus ProMAX Syringe Pump offers precision, ease of use, safety, and versatility to your fluid therapy requirements, featuring the customizable animal health specific drug library.

cvb promax iv fluid warmer

The Covetrus ProMAX IV Fluid Warmer is a high-performance, microprocessor-controlled device with a slim and ergonomic design used to help deliver warm fluids to patients during anesthesia and recovery.

cvb breakfree packaging and item

NEW INNOVATION | The Covetrus breakfree™️ is a breakaway IV connector installed between the long IV tubing from the pump and the patient's IV catheter that separates if harmful forces are applied.

cvb oral syringes with boxes

Cost-effective Covetrus Brand Oral Syringes are single-use polypropylene syringes with ribbed tip caps, a latex-free plunger tip, and milliliter graduations.

cvb marbofloxacin bottles

Covetrus Brand Marbofloxacin Chewable Tablets are indicated for the treatment of infections in cats and dogs associated with bacteria susceptible to marbofloxacin. Compare to Zeniquin®.


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Shop Covetrus Brand inflation fighting products for cost-effective alternatives to many leading national brands.
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